Charlie Clissitt


Raised in the rolling hills of North Yorkshire and now based in the murky streets of London, Charlie has been researching and writing about the home energy market for over five years. He has been the Editor of The Eco Experts since 2021, and his thoughts on energy have seen him featured in various publications, including The Times, Ideal Home, and Grand Designs Magazine. Charlie has never owned a car and he was vegetarian for nine months in 2019, so his carbon footprint is perfectly acceptable. 

Charlie’s particular specialism is solar panels; how they’re made, how they work, how they look, and whether they have a future in the UK (they do). If he’s not cornering one of his parents’ friends in the kitchen asking them why they don’t have solar panels yet, he’s cornering someone else and talking about solar batteries. 

Charlie dreams of one day owning a solar PV system – he just needs a house first.

You can contact Charlie via email at

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